MBSR 8 Week Course Online

The course runs for 8 continuous weeks for 1 hour, 15-30 minutes each time. During the session we will discuss the topic for that week (which you can find written about more extensively in the participants handbook), and we will do at least 1 guided meditation together. Apart from week 1, we will also discuss how the week before went in reference to doing the meditation and the mindfulness practices. I use Skype and it would be best to try and keep to a certain time and day of the week to get the momentum going. Course breakdown is here: http://www.mbsr-mindfulness.com/mbsr-breakdown


There is a commitment from you to meditate 20 minutes, ideally 6 out of 7 days a week, plus read the handbook (20 mins during the week) as well as incorporate mindfulness practices such as mindful eating or walking.

This course is not therapy, but it is therapeutic and hopefully will inspire you to make a positive change in your life - but you do get out what you get in.

It is entirely confidential and it’s completely up to you what you share. However feedback is important so please be willing to share how the week went in reference to how you got on. This course will be held entirely online and will be one-to-one.

The cost of the course is 350€ - this includes our sessions, the participants hand book which I will send as a PDF, plus the mediations to download or to stream from my youtube channel. They are recorded with my voice. To make the payment, I will send you my Paypal details or you can make a bank transfer if you prefer.

If you’d like to have a half hour chat on Skype to discuss this course further I’d be happy to find a time- this is free of course!