Engage your mind each day

Here are some top tips to stay Mindful throughout the day: - Labelling. When you realize you are looping with negative thoughts, try labeling what arises. “There is anger here”, “There is tiredness here” “Boredom” “Impatience”. This tells the alarm system to stand down. -Take in the good. We have a natural negativity bias, so take a moment to seek out the simple pleasures of life, to absorb a “good” moment. - Chose to have calm moments. Our imaginations can’t tell difference between real danger and imagined danger. TV, books, internet can all get you back into Fight and Flight mode. - Reminders. Try post it notes around the house and around the classroom to remind yourself to breath and be i

Mindfulness for better performance

Mindfulness can really help children with all sorts of activities from sports to music recitals We all get nervous when the pressure is on, but what can we do to help ourselves? And what can we say to our children to help them cope with a school assembly presentation, or that all important match? Paws B is full of practical tips to help children first notice and then work with their stress levels.

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