Mindfulness for busy Mums & Dads

To be honest being a parent can be very stressful. The combination of tiredness, time constraints and not receiving a parenting manual (!) can leave you frazzled. I became interested in Mindfulness after having my first child 4 years ago and it was a revelation. Over the years I've gone from being a practitioner to becoming a teacher and I'm now an accredited Mindfulness teacher (MBSR) and Mindfulness teacher for children (MiSP UK). Just as they tell you on the plane "Put your own oxygen mask on first", the way to be the best parent you can be is to look after yourself first. As such I'm starting to offer Mindfulness sessions to parents in the hopes to de-mystify mindfulness and offer busy m

How I became a meditator

So how did I get into all this I'm often's the answer :) I became interested in Meditation when I basically had a life crash. I was 41 years old, had just given birth to my first child, was running my own business and I was mentally and physically exhausted. I saw someone mention an App Facebook which helped you to meditate and that meditation could help you relax. To be honest I used to just go to sleep during the meditations many times as I was so tired and I did them lying down (not recommended!- unless doing a body scan meditation). But bit by bit I found they were doing something. Just 10 minutes a day seemed to be having an affect on my mood; I was less tired, less reacti

Happiness Festival, Barcelona

I'll be giving an introduction to Mindfulness session here on the Saturday, in Barcelona. Hope you can join me - 10.30am-12pm.

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