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I'm aware that taking the plunge and signing yourself up for a whole 8 weeks Mindfulness course feels...daunting. So I've developed some new individual sessions for people to try it out. In the session I explain what mindfulness is - and isn’t, go into a little of the science behind stress and how mindfulness can help to re-train the mind to be more skilful when faced with difficulties- be they outside events, the inner critic, persistent negative thoughts or difficult emotions. Mindfulness is also effective at helping sufferers to deal with physical distress. During the session we do a meditation, so participants would be need a place where they can be undisturbed, ideally where you could l

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Meet the Therapist Profile What attracted you to become a therapist? I’ve always been interested in the human condition which drew me first into the acting world. However a few years ago I became interested in Mindful Meditation as a way to deal with my own stress levels. This quickly grew into a real desire to understand the mind and what we can do on a practical level to change how we view ourselves and our world. Whilst training to be an MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) teacher it became very clear to me that this could be applied to so many types of people, from children to adults and for a wide-ranging list of issues from anxiety to anger management, depression to performance s

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