Anxiety secretly loves you (and the truth about the future).

Imagine you’re going to a party. Just as you step through the door you are grabbed by Mary. She wants to tell you all about it, all the problems, all the things to worry about. She gets on to politics or the latest thing to concern oneself about in the news and she’s having a field day, bending your ear. Moving on, she drops a critical comment about the clothes you’re wearing, or perhaps tells you who to talk to, who not to. Finally you politely extricate yourself from Mary, and you make your way to the vol-au-vents where Lisa is having a relaxed chat with a mutual friend. She compliments you on your attire and then directs your attention to the beautiful garden. As you take in the weeping w

New 8 week Online MBSR course

Starting the 22nd September I'll be offering a new MBSR course online. 7-9.30pm Central European Time. But why meditate? Click here to see my short video on the course...

Seen, Soothed and Safe- dealing with big emotions like sadness

Someone during a recent session Maria (not her real name) explained how sad she was feeling about the break-up of a friendship. “Oh well, I keep telling myself- there is nothing I can do.” This seemed to be mindful in some way- not getting into the story. She reflected that another friend was also feeling sad about lack of work and wasn’t going to go to a birthday party they'd both been invited to. Instead she was going for a walk with her sadness on the beach. Maria meanwhile, was going to the party as this was just what was needed…. When big emotions come, they are our children. They pull at our shirt sleeves and ask to be seen. When we turn away from them, escaping into TV, internet, a gl

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I was asked to come in and talk about Mindfulness and Meditation at English Radio, Barcelona. Why do we get so anxious...? Tune in and find out...

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