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A Mindful way through the Menopause

Online Self-paced course for Perimenopausal women


Perhaps you recognise some of these scenarios?


  • feeling extreme anger or frustration and then acting on them

  • finding yourself spending a lot of time worrying about the future

  • inability to sleep at night

  • acute body tension

  • overwhelming feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness or grief

  • feeling unable to cope

  • feeling lost as your body changes

  • feeling stressed about having hot flashes


The journal of The International Menopause Society in 2019 highlighted research showing that mindfulness results in women experiencing fewer menopausal symptoms.

The study involving 1,700 women aged between 40 and 65, showed the higher the women scored in mindfulness, the fewer symptoms they experienced. 

The symptoms included memory fog and hot flushes to irritability and anxiety, sleeplessness and depression. Researchers working on the project found that with mindfulness the women could manage their symptoms much better. 

Mindfulness is an invitation to stop trying to escape the present moment, but instead paradoxically lean towards these experiences. With practice it's possible to allow thoughts, feelings and body sensations to "just be". Once we stop fighting, we find there is space to allow this natural process to unfold.


Maybe it's time... practice something new. If you find yourself repeatedly stressed, anxious then this courses in mindfulness may be the launch pad you need. Learn to work with the changes and challenges the perimenopause brings.

In this 4 week course* you will be given tools to help you work with the moments of stress in your life:

  • The over-thinking mind

  • Difficult emotions

  • Dealing with body discomfort, including hot flashes

  • Finding acceptance for things we can't change, including changes in the body


- and learn to be more compassionate to yourself when these moments occur.


Created by Emma Reynolds, accredited MBSR** Mindfulness teacher, the course consists of short videos, downloable audios of short mindfulness practices (2-5 minutes), longer meditations (20 minute) and lots of clear, practical information on what causes stress, why we have it and how we can help ourselves out of old unhelpful habits.

*This course is self-paced but 4 weeks is suggested time frame

** MBSR teacher (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction)









How does the course work?


In each week/session we will focus on a different aspect of our daily experience:


1. The reasons for stress and how focusing on the breath helps us to be calmer

2. Focus and perception and how this affects how we view life

3. Difficult Emotions and how we can look after ourselves

4. Negative Thoughts and how learning to question them can enhance our well-being

Ideally you take around 4 weeks to complete the course as real change needs both time and repeated practice. However how you manage this is up to you.



  • There will be a 45 minute video to watch, which includes short guided practices you can use in daily life.

  • 4 downloadable audio meditations (20 minutes each). Ideally you would practice these meditations daily.

  • 4 downloadable audio mindful practices (2-5 minutes)

  • Plus 2 bonus tracks! A meditation to help you get to sleep, and a walking meditation.


All materials are available for an unlimited time.

Coming back to the here and now


Mindfulness is non-judgemental present moment awareness. This means not getting stuck in the unchangeable past, nor the unknowable future, but instead being right here, right now - without judging the experience.

New possibilities




Instead of being stuck with the "same old", Mindfulness offers practical tools to see and act upon new opportunities. It also fosters a sense of compassion for one's self and others.


More presence, more connection, more joy


So instead of being lost in thoughts we learn to become more focused and connected to all our moments, helping us deal better with difficult thoughts, feelings and body discomfort.


We also become more aware of what is already good in our lives - so calm and happiness is not some elusive experience in some other "better" moment, but right here, right now.



121€ for all the materials (videos, downloadable audios to use again and again) plus bonus Sleep Meditation.


Frequently Asked Questions 



Question #1: You mention that materials are available for an unlimited time. Where are they located?


You can download the audios as MP3s on to your own computer - handy if you don't always have internet during and after the course. 


Question #2: What if, after a couple of days, I realize that Mindfulness is not for me. Can I get my money back?

Absolutely! You can try the first session and see how it goes. If you want to cancel then you can. However once you open up the second session this will no longer be possible. 


Question #3: My house is busy with kids and animals. Do I have to be completely alone to do the course?


As the course is about training your focus it is important you are not disturbed. But you can take your time and find the right moment. There is no urgency to rush through the course. Is helps to see this is time for you - out of your busy schedule. And that the benefits are not just for but all those around you.


Question #4: Will you talk about Hormone Replacement Therapy?


No. If this is of interest please seek out professional advice. Clearly in Menopause symptoms can be a major issue. In the course we will be exploring how we can work with them, rather than "fix" them. Paradoxically this can help lower their severity. 


Question #5: How often will you be in touch? Will I receive an email every day?


The plan is not to fill your inbox with emails. Once you are registered you will receive confirmation via email and you may be sent the odd email during the course, but not everyday.


Question #6: Is it possible to have a one-on-one or group session with you?


Yes of course. Please send me a message here.


Question #7: How can I pay for the course? Do you take credit cards?

Yes. Once the course is online (end of November 2021) you will see the details for payment

Question #8: Is Mindfulness for everyone? I tried to meditate once and couldn't do it.

In this course the practices are very short 2-5 minutes, plus some longer guided practices of 20 minutes. We're trying to re-train our focus and this takes time and practice, and finding it hard is part of the experience we work with. With time and patience most people get there in the end. However if after the first session you feel it's not for you, you can get a full refund. 

Some people who have suffered trauma and suffer from PTSD may also find meditating for long periods triggering. However the short practices should be accessible  - again you are welcome to try the first session and see how you go.

Question #9: Why does it say 4 week course and then "self-paced"? 

4 weeks is the suggested time to do the course. We are trying to create new habits and ways of being and this takes concentrated effort. However if it takes you longer to complete the course that's also fine as long you practice often!



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Try a short practice (6 mins)

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