Mindfulness for Children


Emma Reynolds is an accredited MBSR teacher, also trained to teach Mindfulness to students, through MiSP (Mindfulness in Schools Project, UK). 


We propose to offer a 2 hour session on Mindfulness aimed at teachers of all Student ages. Combining elements from the MBSR course, and Mindfulness for school children (Paws B from the Mindfulness in Schools Project, UK).
Our objective is to bring a better understanding of what stress is, how the body reacts to stressful situations, and how mindfulness can help calm the mind, allowing teachers to be more skillful when dealing with potentially stressful situations.



There are now over 30 years worth of scientific research that consistently show how mindfulness practices can enhance our physical and mental well-being.

Practicing mindfulness, and mindful meditation can improve:

  • Concentration

  • Attention

  • Creativity

  • Clarity of mind

  • Working memory

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Mental stamina

  • Sleep

  • Immune functioning

  • Relationships

  • Life satisfaction


   And reduce:

  • Stress

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Distress

  • Pain

  • Ruminating

  • Tension


We will look briefly at the new discoveries in neuroscience around neuroplasticity and reflect on how altering our ways of thinking can literally change the brain, allowing us to get better at stepping out of old automatic ways of thinking and doing that do not serve us. We will offer practical advice on how to be more in the present moment, and therefore less lost in rumination and worry. And finally we will show how certain practices can be adapted to the classroom experience, allowing teachers to bring mindfulness into the classroom. Through these exercises children can also gain practical tools they can bring to their own experiences which they may find stressful such as exams, speaking in public, and dealing with relationships at home and in the school playground.


During the two hour session we will explore why we have stress and look at how we can work with our thoughts and not get tied up in them, leading to rumination. We will do some mindful practices such as mindful walking, mindful movement, plus short meditations as a group.

We also include a participants’ handbook for teachers to read more about the science behind the themes we will be exploring, plus reminders of the exercises.



– Offer an introduction to Mindfulness for teachers
– Provide practical tips to aid stress reduction for teachers
– Offer practical tips and practices teachers can do with their students in the classroom


For teachers with at least intermediate  level English. No previous knowledge or experience needed in meditation.


2 hour session, up to 20 participants. Ideally with space to move chairs back and be able to stand. Available all year round in Spain.



It would be important to be in a space where participants are not interupted.


This course, suitable for 9-14 year olds is an introduction to Mindfulness and offers children a variety of ways to deal with issues such as worry and anxiety, help them get better rest and give them practical tools to help deal with relationships.

The facilitator Emma Reynolds is an accredited Mindfulness teacher for adults (MBSR) and children (through the Mindfulness in Schools project)
Not only is she a Mindfulness teacher she also has years of experience working with children as a drama teacher and children's theatre director. She will facilitate this fun and inspiring programme which brings together short videos, practices and time for children to share.
Participants will be given recordings of the practices to use at home (a vital part of the process) as well as home practice sheets to fill in.

If you'd like to know more please email Emma at:
info@mbsr-mindfulness.com or call her on 617721610.

The course costs 80€ and includes all the materials to use at home (recordings and practice sheets). To subscribe please contact Emma for details. Limited places.

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