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Paws B provides a programme of eight, one hour

lessons that include:

  • Scientific knowledge

  • PowerPoint lessons with a variety of film clips

  • Short meditation practices

  • Discussion and exploration of experiences

  • Home practice encouragement and support




The learning from all of these lessons is encouraged to be connected to other aspects of the school curriculum where and when appropriate, such as music, sport, art, drama, queuing to come in to the classroom, school and residential trips, to name just a few possibilities.

Is there any evidence to show that Paws b helps the children at school or generally in their lives?

A Masters study in a primary school showed pupils who were taught mindfulness lessons had increased positive attitudes towards their learning after the lessons compared to the pupils who weren’t taught mindfulness. Additionally, the academic results were better for the pupils that were taught mindfulness. All the lessons seemed to appeal and benefit both boys and girls.

The feedback from children who have taken part in Paws b is very positive. The children report enjoying the lessons and finding the learning supports them in a broad range of situations from being able to concentrate and focus more easily in school to helping them feel calmer in exams and competitions. Many have described sharing the learning with other family members and finding it helps them with their relationships with family and friends. Read the latest evidence here.

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