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More lovely feedback from people who have tried an access bars session


After my first Access Bars treatment with Emma I felt wonderfully relaxed and peaceful. I had not come across this therapy before and Emma talked me through what she would be doing and what I may experience during the treatment. It was a wonderful experience, Emma has such a calming voice and she really put me at ease. Thank you so much.


I just had my brain decluttered. What else is possible?

On Monday I went for a mental ‘defrag’ with Emma Reynolds. That’s one way of describing an Access Bars experience.

It’s how I describe it to my husband, a scientist who doesn’t care for the ‘misuse’ of the word ‘energy’. So I turn myself into a computer and I tell him I’m reformatting. Clearing cache. He gets it... sort of.

The other way to describe it is making 'space'. 

As in tangible space in my head where it didn’t used to be. And in that space, there is calm, perspective, and an absence of that negative filter we tend to carry around.

What happens during a session?

Emma gently touches 32 points on my head for an hour, and my storm of thoughts is gone. It's that simple. My mind is empty. My whole body oozes calm. I am speaking 3x more slowly. I am truly present. I see so many possibilities that I was blind to before.

She calls it ‘liquid meditation’. I call it magic.

By the end of our session, the big issues I was grappling with feel manageable, by approaching them a different way. Solutions come effortlessly. It’s like I’m operating purely from my essence. And in that state, anything is possible.

The next day, when some of the old programming resurfaces, I reflect on the question Emma left me with: “What else is possible? How much fun can you have?” And I let this be my guide.


I’m not a sceptical person and when I try new treatments, I aim to go in blind, to not expect anything and

not pre-empt what I think it may or may not offer me. Last Friday I tried the Access Bars treatment with Emma Reynolds, on the back of a friend saying I should definitely try it, “It may help with the constant chatter in your head Katie  and create a space to consider more!”  Well, OK, worth a shot…

Emma arrived and initially told me about the session, what I ,ay or may not experience, what she would and wouldn’t do and then started….fast forward an hour and a half and I really don’t know how to explain it…my head was silent, I couldn´t grasp one single emotion, but many took their turn to bubble to the surface – tears, laughter, amazement and joy.

But it wont last long, I thought; another one where I go and have a treatment and then go back to me again! Nope….3 days on and I am still enjoying the silence! Emma provided me with 4 questions to ask myself if I got intrusive, annoying, unnecessary thoughts…and wow do they work! This treatment gave me a physical feeling I want again and again, and if asking myself questions and ignoring my point of view from time to time….and what a feeling of freedom it has provided.

Thank you Emma!  I will be asking for more very soon, as I am loving this new headspace in such a busy and noisy world.


Trying Access bars remotely was a new experience. It accessed deeply buried memories & long forgotten traumas resurfaced, giving me the opportunity to witness and address them as an adult & put them to bed, so get prepared for the journey!


Dear friends, I was lucky to fall into the tender hands of Emma Reynolds - practitioner of Access Bars therapy and I want to share with you my experience.


No, this is not a massage, these are the lightest touches on special points on the head, palms and feet. First, complete relaxation, and then... then before my eyes, like a kaleidoscope, flashes of everyone I loved who left my life (both dead and alive).


At first I cried, then I had a coughing bout, we even interrupted the session for a few minutes, and then, at the end, I felt that burden on my chest that didn't allow me to breathe normally, to just live my life without looking back, which pulled me down, like a rock... had completely dissolved. I finally let go of those whom I kept in my heart for so long. I felt lighter in my soul, my heart and in my thoughts.


I thank Emma for the valuable gift and the magical advice  she gave me. And for some useful stress-relief technics she shared with me. I'm waiting for a new meeting!


Thank you Emma for this gift! The session took me to a deep meditative state that I had only been able to achieve for more than a couple of minutes after about day 4 in a 10 day meditation retreat. That place of total awareness but of total calmness. I, myself, am not particularly stresses out but I can see how much this can help people with many stresses in their life.

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