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Hello and welcome. I'm an accredited teacher in both MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and Mindfulness for children (Mindfulness in Schools Project, UK). I feel passionately that each one of us has the ability to change or discard unhelpful learned ways of being and allow the best to shine. With this in mind I create an open, safe and supportive environment to allow learning and sharing to flourish. Throughout all the sessions I am there to assist you in learning these life changing new skills, providing both group and individual instruction. I am also an Access Bars practitioner.


I have been living in Spain since 1999. You can see my accreditation from Mindful Academy here. I am also a member of the Association of Professional Instructors of 

Mindfulness, Barcelona.

I became interested in Meditation when I basically had a life crash...

I was 41 years old, had just given birth to my first child, was running my own business and I was mentally and physically exhausted. I saw someone mention an App on Facebook  which helped you to meditate and that meditation could help you relax. To be honest I used to just go to sleep during the meditations many times as I was so tired and I did them lying down (not recommended!). Bit by bit however I noticed things were changing in my day-to-day life. Just 10 minutes a day seemed to be having a positive affect on my mood. I also found I was less tired and less anxious and reactive. Negative thoughts were less noisy in my head- something was happening! And this was exciting. I felt like finally there was a way out of the same old looping ways of being.

I got really interested in what was going on here and so I started looking around for other methods and that's when I found MBSR. I did the course and not only did my practice become stronger (why would I not meditate when the effects were so clear?) but I also learnt about what stress was, why we have it and how we can be more mindful in our everyday lives to  better deal with life's ups and downs. I wanted to know more so I did my first MBSR teacher training and during that course I realised this was really what I wanted to do with my life.

So many of us are needlessly suffering from over-active minds that bring us stress. We can learn to re-train ourselves to be less reactive and more positive, more compassionate to ourselves and others. Through learning to be calmer and more present we not only help ourselves but those around us benefit too. I can honestly say Mindfulness has been life changing - and I've heard this many times from those that have done the course with me.

I have now completed the full MBSR pathway training and have gone on to train as a mindfulness teacher for children. I work with the general public, mums, teachers, perimenopausal women and the corporate sector- anyone with a wandering mind :)

If you have any questions please drop me a line at the email below, I'd love to hear from you.


Training and courses received:

  • MBSR TT1 2016, Mindful Academy

  • MBSR TT2 2017, Mindful Academy

  • MBSR TT3 2020, Mindful Academy

  • Teaching MBSR Online 2020, Claire Griffin

  • Being Breathed, Breathworks course 2021, Jo Kemp

  • Befriending the Nervous System, Somatic work for Trauma 2022

  • MiSP Paws B training for Primary School children, London 2018

  • Continued supervision through Mindful Academy


  • Plum Village, France 2018

  • Bodhi College, Beatenburg 2018- John Peacock, Akincano Weber,

  • Bodhi College, Sharpham House 2019- Cristina Feldman, Chris Cullen

  • Adyashanti Retreat, Online 2020

  • BAMBA (British Association for Mindfulness Based Approaches) 1 day retreat Online 2021

  • Silent retreat, Mindful Academy Solterreno, Spain 2022


Attendance at Mindfulness in Schools Project Conferences 2019, London, 2020 & 2021 Online.

Talks, Webinars and Online training given:


Corporate groups:

  • In house training for corporate group "My Taxi", Barcelona, 2019 (Omlines)

  • In house training for corporate group "Aigues de Barcelona", Barcelona 2019 (Papai)

  • Mindful Stress Reduction session for "Nando's Restaurant", Sitges 2019

  • Mindful Stress Reduction session for "Tools group", Online 2020 (Omlines)

  • Introduction to Mindfulness for "Maersk", Online 2021 (Omlines)

  • Introduction and 4 week course for Liberty Insurance, Online 2021 (Omlines)

  • Training for Südzuker Group, Barcelona 2021

  • Training for Adevinta, Barcelona 2022

  • 8 week MBSR course for Cellnex, Online, 2022 (Omlines)

  • 8 week MBSR course for Neuraxpharm, 2022

In Education:

  • Mindfulness in Schools Talks at APAC (Catalan English teachers association) Conferences,

  • 2017, 2019, 2020, Barcelona

  • Full MBSR course for teachers via APAC, Barcelona 2018

  • Mindfulness in Schools Talk at ELT Conference, Barcelona 2019

  • Webinar for teachers on Mindfulness in schools, 2019 for Macmillan Education, London

  • Live talk for 100 head teachers on Mindfulness in schools, 2019 for Macmillan Education, Madrid

  • 6 Webinars for teachers on Mindfulness 2019-21 for Macmillan Education, Barcelona and London 

  • Blog for Macmillan on Mindfulness, 2020

  • Course material for Macmillan Education; Their first Mindfulness Activities for Primary students 2021

  • Various talks, workshops and trainings for schools on Mindfulness in Schools, 2018- Present

  • .Breathe course for 10-14 year olds, 2019

  • To date MBSR course facilitated in groups or individually- over 20 times with over 70 participants




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Podcast with Ian Gibbs on Learning HERE

Podcast with Sharlene Halbert on Relationships HERE

Podcast with Polly Warren on Perimenopause coming soon 

Social Media:

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Other Interests:

I'm a trained actress and voice artist and right now I'm doing a course in Fooling. I also regularly attend belly dancing classes, creative art classes and any other class that sparks my interest! I also love to walk in the forest behind my house in rural Catalonia.

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