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Corporate Wellness

Emma works in a variety of ways with corporate groups using Mindfulness and Access Bars.  From 2 hour sessions in-person, to specially created webinars, and courses online, tailor-made for you.

Corporate Mindfulness Barcelona

Short Sessions

These can include 1 or 2 hour introductory sessions on Mindfulness and how it can be used to lower stress, Mindful communication, and how Mindfulness can be integrated into the work place. In-person or as a Webinar.

Access Bars Barcelona

Mindful time out for Well-being

Treat your staff to some real R and R, whilst they learn how to better look after their mental and physical well-being. Emma partners with a wide variety of experts, from nutritionalists and yoga teachers, to dance teachers and coaches. For something different, what about a Mindful vineyard walk and wine tasting? Or a relaxing Access Bars session.

Corporate Mindfulness Barcelona

Mindfulness Courses

You may be interested in offering the full 8-week Mindfulness MBSR course, or prefer a shorter bespoke version. These can be delivered online, with all the materials necessary (participant's manual, MP3s of the meditations and practices etc). 

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"You really struck a good balance between the ‘why’ and ‘how’ and all of your ideas have a simple application and I would say will have a positive effect on classes. You connected and engaged really well with the audience, which was obvious from all the activity in the chat. CONGRATULATIONS!"

- Louise  (Macmillan, Barcelona)

"Thank you so much for leading the private enterprise session. The session was wonderful- I love that you managed to fit in a few practical tips at the end.  I thought you struck the perfect tone and created a warm and welcoming environment."

- Kara (Wellness Coach)

""Amazing session Emma! It was a real joy and pleasure to hear you speak on this topic. I absolutely loved your definition of mindfulness, and your pointings about creating choice and expansion through awareness were lovely. I think everyone really will have benefited from this session." Oliver- (Wellness Coach)

"Thank you for letting us disconnect and discover the world of Mindfulness.We were coming back to this topic many times after your session."

- Anna (SüdZucker)

"What an amazing session you did yesterday. I had had all sorts of congrats from the teams around the world who were tuning in and said what a fantastic speaker you are, and what a well-structured, interesting and useful presentation you put together. We really feel like we’ve struck gold with you! So thank you from all of us."

- Will (Macmillan Education, London)

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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