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Would Mindfulness really help? Try it!

I'm aware that taking the plunge and signing yourself up for a whole 8 weeks Mindfulness course feels...daunting. So I've developed some new individual sessions for people to try it out. In the session I explain what mindfulness is - and isn’t, go into a little of the science behind stress and how mindfulness can help to re-train the mind to be more skilful when faced with difficulties- be they outside events, the inner critic, persistent negative thoughts or difficult emotions. Mindfulness is also effective at helping sufferers to deal with physical distress.

During the session we do a meditation, so participants would be need a place where they can be undisturbed, ideally where you could lie down. Afterwards I send a recording of the meditation for to use. We can even do this all online, allowing participants greater flexibility.

Mindfulness isn’t a one-hit wonder, it is the way to living life in a different, more harmonious way, more mindful way, and this takes practice. It is not therapy, but it can be very therapeutic.

If you'd like to know more just drop me a line:

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