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Prevent Anxiety Attacks With These Simple Lifestyle Changes

By Sophie Letts -

Anxiety attacks can strike at any time, and they can be difficult to overcome. For millions of Americans, coping with anxiety is a major job in itself; finding ways to prevent overwhelming feelings from showing up often seems next to impossible. However, it’s important to look for ways to keep anxiety from taking over because the things that prompt it are apt to change over time, leaving you feeling defenseless.

There are several things you can do to prevent those attacks, including making sure your lifestyle is as stress-free as possible. You can also look for ways to make some positive changes in your life, such as learning to practice healthy habits. Mindfulness is one example, and you can find some great resources on incorporating it into your daily routine at Mindfulness For Life. Take a look at the major areas of your life–work, family, and health–and think about how you can change them for the better in order to keep anxiety at bay.

Take charge of your career

For many people, work is a major source of anxiety on a daily basis. Not only that, learning to practice mindfulness or focus on your wellness is often hindered by things like workplace stress. Take charge of your career by going back to school to earn a degree. Whether you want to go for a master’s in a related field or try something new altogether, there are lots of options these days with flexible online courses. You can work on a Master’s in Information Technology, Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, or Data Analytics, among other subjects, and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

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When you can find a few quiet moments to yourself, practicing a healthy activity–such as working out, starting a yoga routine, or indulging in some self-care–is a great way to spend that time, and all of these can be fused with mindfulness to maximize the benefits. It’s hard to stay focused when you have a device nearby, however, so if you’re not working on something school or job-related, put away your phone and laptop and shut down the tech for a bit. Getting away from the pressures of social media and your responsibilities is essential now and then, and removing those distractions can help you stay on track with your goals.

Get outside

While you’re putting aside technology, take some time to get outdoors. Our jobs and family responsibilities can keep us indoors much of the time, but when you’re ready to focus on your mental health, getting outside can be greatly beneficial. Studies have shown that spending time outdoors can lessen the effects of depression and anxiety and boost your mood, so soak up as much vitamin D as possible; it could help you prevent anxiety attacks.

Look for support

While these are great tips for keeping anxiety at bay, it’s important to have a support system for those times when an attack hits unexpectedly. Look for a few resources online–such as the courses offered by Mindfulness For Life so that you and your family members can better understand anxiety and the toll it takes, as well as to find useful tools that will help you cope with those feelings when they show up.

Preventing anxiety attacks from ruining your day can be frustrating, so it’s a good idea to try a few different methods and find the ones that work best for your specific needs. Keep communication open with your friends and family so they can help you through the most challenging times.

Get in touch with Mindfulness For Life today with any questions or comments.


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