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How I became a meditator

So how did I get into all this I'm often's the answer :)

I became interested in Meditation when I basically had a life crash. I was 41 years old, had just given birth to my first child, was running my own business and I was mentally and physically exhausted. I saw someone mention an App Facebook which helped you to meditate and that meditation could help you relax. To be honest I used to just go to sleep during the meditations many times as I was so tired and I did them lying down (not recommended!- unless doing a body scan meditation). But bit by bit I found they were doing something. Just 10 minutes a day seemed to be having an affect on my mood; I was less tired, less reactive. Negative thoughts were less noisy in my head- something was happening! And this was exciting.

I got really interested in what was going on here and so I started looking around for other methods and that's when I found MBSR. I did the course and not only did my practice become stronger (why would I not meditate when the effects were so clear?) but I also learnt about what stress was, why we have it and how we can be more mindful in our everyday lives to better deal with life's ups and downs. I wanted to know more so I did my first MBSR teacher training and during that course I realised this was really what I wanted to do with my life. So many of us are needlessly suffering from over-active minds that bring us stress. We can learn to re-train ourselves to be less reactive and more positive, more compassionate to ourselves and others. Through learning to be calmer and more present we not only help ourselves but those around us benefit too.

I have now completed the full MBSR pathway training and have gone on to train to be a mindfulness teacher for children. I work with the general public, mums, teachers, children and the corporate sector- anyone with a wandering mind :)

If you have any questions please drop me a line at I'd love to hear from you.

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