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Suffering from full on Pandemic F.O.M.O?

Feeling like life is passing you by and all those fun experiences you used to love have ended for ever with no sense of return? The concerts, the restaurants, the international travel.... when, when will it all go back to normal? This pandemic is a FOMO's nightmare, with the only solace being that no one else can do anything either.

Well, my suggestion would be to sit with it. Sit with your discomfort.

This is the invitation right now for all of us. All wanting to escape, to do something, go somewhere…. Have an experience that is new and different. Well how about this one? This experience right now? Literally find a seat and sit with the discomfort. Explore the irritability, the boredom, the frustration, the fear. Close the eyes and feel where the body is tense. Explore where sensations begin and end. Notice the thoughts (but don't get into a conversation with them or try to get rid of them)….. name the emotion(s) you’re feeling. Is it frustration exactly, or is it more boredom- or are you actually tired?

Then notice that you can notice. What is it that is noticing? If you are noticing- then what are thoughts? They aren’t you. So why keep buying into them?

No one really knows where thoughts come from. They are happenings in the brain, that have been pushing us on to do and do and do. And now finally you’re stopping, tuning in and actually sitting with this experience, whatever it is right here and right now. And that which notices isn't anxious or frustrated- it's neutral. Calm. Peaceful.

Keep noticing. You can become aware you’re breathing and try to stay with the breath for 3-4-5 rounds. Choose to place your attention where you want it- not where it wanders off to in thought. With practice you can touch into this experience more and more. Re-connecting with the calm that is already here.

We may not be able to go exploring out there for a while yet- but there is a whole world inside ready to be experienced.

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